Monday, January 22, 2018

Front Burner: Inn at Little Washington Celebrates 40 Years

The Washington, Va., restaurant and hotel will kick off the milestone with a dinner, then a garden party.

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No Passport or Ticket: How a Woman Evaded Airport Security and Flew to London

Marilyn Hartman has successfully sneaked onto three flights since 2014 and attempted to breach airport security at least a dozen times.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Delta Air Lines Tightens Rules for Service and Support Animals

The carrier will require more preflight documentation as a surge in animals used to aid disabled travelers and offer emotional support has raised safety concerns.

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Check In: In Tel Aviv, a Futuristic Hotel With a Past

Poli House, a Bauhaus landmark, is a journey through geometry: a circular bar, a curving staircase, slanting shelves, oblong mirrors.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Syria Promotes Tourism, Despite Devastation of Civil War

The country was once home to an array of tourist landmarks, but many of those have been damaged or destroyed by war, and most governments still advise against their citizens traveling there.

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Bites: A Detroit Restaurant With Deep Local Roots

The food at Lady of the House, in the Corktown neighborhood, could be described as seasonal-voluptuous.

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52 Places to Go in 2018: A Few Questions for Our 52 Places Traveler

How does Jada Yuan, who beat out 13,000 other applicants for the job, feel about spending the year traveling the globe? “Elated and terrified.”

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