Sunday, October 2, 2016

Travel: Explore the dense forests of Chandoli and the North East on a bike

If you are a biker and nature enthusiast who enjoys open roads seeing beauty around through a telephoto lens, here is some good news. The Musafirs Motorcycling club has a couple of trips lined up. While one will have you traversing through the dense forests of Chandoli, the other will introduce you to three of the Seven Sister states. When you have all expenses included in the whole package, what are you waiting for? Mark your dates and pack your bags.

Chandoli National Park
The jungles are calling the adventurous bikers. Around 380 km from Mumbai and 250 km from Pune, lie the dense forests of Chandoli with an exotic variety of animal and bird species. The three-day October ride will see the Musafirs explore the wildlife in a jungle safari. Apply for your Friday leave right away! You would not want to miss this one! The highlight of the sojourn is the safari in the National Park. A peaceful and relaxing lunch amidst the greenery, a warm night by the campfire and swimming in the Manoli Dam, which is an abode to Shiva and a visit to the historic Pawankhind. The voyage also includes meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), accommodation (sharing), and sightseeing charges if any.
On: October 14-16
Log on to:
Call: 9821178718
Cost: Rs 4,100 (members), Rs 4,400 (non-members)

Northeast India
Whoever signs up for this trip will get to explore three out of the seven sisters that make up India’s North East. The untouched part of India that has been largely cut-off and ignored by the 'mainland' is mystic. The 15-day road trip will be through exotic locales of Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. Man-made marvel and the swampy grasslands of Kaziranga National Park are the main attractions. There is an elephant safari that will involve staying at Majuli, the largest river island in the world. It is towards Tawang, also known as the land of the rising sun. The expedition will finally conclude at the Indo-China border at Bum La Pass (15,200 ft). There will be extra vehicles in case of a breakdown.
On: November 6-19
Log on to:
Call: 9819897843
Cost: Rs 40,999 (members), Rs 42, 499 (non-members)

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