Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bike off to the greens at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The route in SGNP is 6 km long
The route in SGNP is 6 km long

The Aberrant Wanderers like nothing better than adventure and to take others along on the journey. “The name ofour group is self explantory,” says core memer Sanket Patil. The travel group has organised a cycling activity at Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

“The route is beautiful and stretches upto Kanheri caves. It is a adventure trip people can take part in without much preparation,” he says.

The group also organises trekking, corporate outings and trips to the Himalayas — whether it is biking in Ladakh or trekking on the Chadar Lake. He reminds to not forget to carry an identity proof.

On: November 20, 7am 
At: SGNP main gate, Borivali (E)
Call: 8425076272
Cost: Rs 300

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