Monday, November 21, 2016

Travel: Explore India's Grand Canyon


If you like to travel off the beaten path, but a weekend is all you have, this is your fix of history, geology and nature rolled into one trip organised by Mumbai Travellers. Aptly called the Grand Canyon of India, this scenic area around Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh has been formed by the Gandikota range of hills, encircling a gorge with a river flowing through it.

After an overnight rail journey, you reach Tadipatri by noon the next day. While the first day is dedicated to Gandikota, on Sunday, among other places you would explore the ancient Belum caves, one of the largest underground caves in India, where Buddhist and 8ain monks are believed to have meditated.

ON November 25, 8.30 pm sharp (boarding time) Cost ` 4000 (excludes train fare and meals during the train journey) CALL 8422049888 LOG ON TO

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