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Worried about jet lag? 12 ways of how to get rid of it

jet lag

Jet lag is a very common factor, especially when you are taking a long distance flight. Jet lag can leave you completely wrecked for several days after arriving at the destination. It also becomes a ruining agent when you fly from one time zone to another. Those who cannot bear the jet lag and cannot sustain with their ‘sleepy mode’ on, here are some tips for them to follow before, during and after the long distance flight:

1. If you are taking a long disatnce flight to a different time zone, you can make changes in your sleeping arrangements from a few days before your departure.

2. Set your watch and mobile as per the new time zone. It will help fight jet lag once you arrive at the destination.

3. Make sure you take adequate rest and eat well before boarding the flight, but do not over eat.

4. Avoid caffiene to get rid of sleepiness jet lag as both the beverages tend to worsen the situation.

5. If you arrive at a different time zone during day time, try to stay outdoors and get maximum sunlight.

6. Try not to fall asleep during day time and get indoors past nine. Staying outdoors during day time can make you fall asleep normally at night.

7. If you are arriving in the evening, try to take light tea and go to sleep at a decent time. You can put ear-plugs and eye mask on to fall asleep quickly.

8. Say no to alcohol to get rid of jet lag. As you are alrerady in your ‘sleep mode’, alcohol intake can worsen the situation and make you feel more drowsy.

9. Apply few drops of lavender oil on the pillow while sleeping post trvael. It is a mild sedative with lovely rejuveanting aroma that will make you feel more refreshed the next day.

10. Carry some prescription sleep medications if needed.

11. Carefully time your food intake, even after arriving at the destination. Proper portion of food taken at proper time intervals keep you healthy and help fight drowsiness and sleepiness.

12. Drink adequate water to stay hydrated.

jet lag

Jet lag might leave you irritated and force you to cancel pre-made plans. However, staying positive with a healthy mental outlook can help to reduce the recovery time.

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