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Colour your weekend! Top getaways to bring in festive flavour of Holi

Music Meets Camping
White Collar Hippie's campsite in Uttan is known for transporting campers out of the city, into an intimate space where music is a constant companion.

However, this weekend gets even better as you can also celebrate Holi here, far away from the madness and chaos that accompanies celebrating the festival in the heart of the city.

The campsite is located on a hillock off Gorai beach, beside a quaint fishing village. You arrive late in the afternoon, proceed to play games or walk down to the beach to catch the sunset, and return to the campsite for a barbecue and a night of live music performances.

That evening, there will be a performance by Che Kinger, who, in a span of just one-and-a-half years, has performed extensively in Pune as a solo artiste, across genres. Settle down on the rock face that forms a naturally sculpted amphitheatre at the campsite, or huddle around the bonfire as Kinger plays you some mellow tunes.

The Holi celebration begins the next morning, and will be accompanied by a groovy set by Nicky Ramnani, one half of the DJ duo Orbs & Zen, whose music incorporates Deep House and Disco, amongst other influences.

ON: March 12 and 13, 4 pm onwards
AT: U-Tan Sea Resort, Chowk Dongri via Uttan, Bhayander (W).
CALL: 9930260748
COST: Rs 2,200

Big Splash
Make the most of the weekend by being a part of Moonstone Hammock's Holi getaway.

To begin with, you will be put up at their campsite in Karjat, where you can pick from among regular ground tents, cool floating tents, and tents that are placed high up in the trees.

The last camp before they shut for the season, this one will also have a bunch of fun activities for you to indulge in.

"We had hosted a Holi camp last year as well, but it's different this time. You can go kayaking in the evening. Later, we have a few ice-breaker games set up for you.

This will be followed by a live band at night, which you can listen to as you enjoy a barbecue by the bonfire," says co-founder Rohit Dubey.

The next morning, at the pool party, is when the colours come out and the Holi fun begins.

"A DJ will be playing some upbeat desi tracks, and we will be providing safe, organic colours for the event. No one will be allowed to get colours from outside," he adds.

To lend a more authentic feel to the camp, the organisers are also going to be serving you piping hot pakoras, and traditional vegetarian Holi delicacies such as puran poli, jalebis, fafda and fresh samosas, perfect snacks for when you're drenched and famished. Lunch and dinner will include chhole bhature and biryani.

"The best part about the campsite is that the weather here is always far more pleasant than in Mumbai. In fact, it gets nice and chilly at night," says Dubey.

ON: March 12 and 13, 4 pm to 3 pm
AT: Karjat.
CALL; 9769274340
COST Rs 2,990 to Rs 3,490

Adventure Time
If camping overnight is not your style, sign up for a Holi-themed day trip being organised by Activity Adda.

"We'll be leaving from Mumbai at 6 am, and it will take us around three hours to reach the venue, where we will spend the rest of the day," says founder Miten Shah.

The venue in question is Durshet Forest Lodge in Khopoli. On the itinerary are a host of adventure activities such as ziplining, a nature trail in the woods, a treasure hunt, archery, and more.

Most importantly, running parallel to these activities will be an arena where you can play with colours while downing a glass of thandai.

"Last year, we held the event on Gorai beach, and about 450 people showed up for it. Luckily, there were no mishaps. However, to make it more manageable and enjoyable for everyone, we're limiting the number to 60 this year," informs Shah.

He adds that while last year, they had planned the event in such a way that you had to go through a mud pool, do a commando crawl and other such activities to get to the rain dance and Holi arena, this time around, they chose to do away with this. "Here, you can do whatever you please. If you don't want to navigate the Burma bridge or go swimming, you can just ignore those," he shares.

If you've been looking for a quick getaway after which you can return to the city the same night, this just might be it.

ON: March 13, 6 am to 9 pm
AT: Durshet Forest Lodge, Khopoli.
CALL: 7738424076
COST: Rs 2,500 (includes transport, activities and meals)

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