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Soak under the sun! Here are 6 beautiful beaches and islands in and around Mumbai

Soak under the sun: 6 beautiful beaches and islands to travel around Mumbai
Sea Crest resort, Dahanu beach. Picture courtesy/Rati Surolia

Who does not want to take a break from a bustling metropolis? While we spend one whole week struggling with words and numbers, in every possible break, many of us might dream of a surreal world that can give a peaceful haven to our tired body and melancholic soul.

Mumbai, fondly called the ‘Maximum City’ is way beyond its over-crowded local trains, potholes filled roads, and unbearable traffic. The serene Arabian Ocean affixes to the city’s natural splendour and serene getaways on the lap of mother Earth. Dotted with islands and beaches around and across Mumbai is a gateway to numerous destinations that does not let one get a hole in their pocket, yet relax and enjoy a day in sheer happiness. Here are six such picks around Mumbai that can fulfil the demands of a tired soul:

Soak under the sun: 6 beautiful beaches and islands to travel around Mumbai
Aksa Beach. Picture courtesy/Debatree Saha

1. Aksa Beach: It is a popular vacation spot in the Aksa village of Malad, Mumbai. Generally frequented by Mumbaikars, the beach shelters several chaat corners that are best options of a quick and delicious bite while basking under the sun. Few accommodation options on the beach and at its vicinity are good for a pleasant stay. Walk along the shores, watch the shimmering sun settling for the day and refresh yourself with the cool sea breeze. That’s Aksa Beach at the heart of Mumbai!

2. Mandwa: How about a ferry ride on the Arabian Ocean on a Sunday or Saturday morning? Madwa can be reached from Mumbai via ferry ride from the Gateway of Indi. Those who wish to spend a bit more that book a private speed boat to Mandwa Island. Dotted with chic shops, cafes, and water sports, it is an excellent getaway for those who want to escape the crowd and breathe the air of peace and rejuvenation.

3. Madh Island: A group of laid back fishing villages and farmlands make up this island in Mumbai. Interestingly, the island can be reached by buses and auto rickshaws, apart from ferries. Calm water and clean sands of Madh Island attract the crowd that wants to take a break from the humdrums of city life. Madh Fort built by the Portuguese is a popular tourist attraction here.

4. Dahanu Beach: This coastal town and municipal council in Palghar district of Maharashtra is a newborn in the list of beaches and islands in and around Mumbai. The road to Dahanu is smooth, scenery is awe-inspiring and the journey itself is refreshing. The clean beach accompanied by calm waters open doors for an aimless walk under the sunlit or moon-kissed sky. There are no water sports, so those looking for an adventure packed trip, should not plan for Dahanu. Hotels and resorts are available for a pleasant stay.

5. Manori Beach: Non commercialisation is what adds to the enchanting beauty of Manori beach near Malad. There are few beachside shacks to lay back and enjoy lip smacking seafood at the food joints. The beach is ideal to leave back all worries and pamper yourself by the side of brimming ocean.

Soak under the sun: 6 beautiful beaches and islands to travel around Mumbai
Elephanta Caves on Elephanta Island. Picture courtesy/Debatree Saha

6. Elephanta Island: Popular for the historical Elephanta caves, the island is an hour ferry ride away from Gateway of India. Some 125 steps lead to the top of the historical ocean that open up to prismatic views of the ocean. There are several food and drink joints that satiate your craving during a day’s trip to the ocean. It is a great place for photo buffs.

Who gives a second thought on where to go when the city is gofted with such amazing spots?

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