Monday, April 3, 2017

Enjoy live music, movie screenings at this camp

The campsiteThe campsite

At times, weekends can be monotonous. How often will you wait at the restaurant queue and pay a bomb for a movie ticket? Here’s your chance to bring in a change in your routine. White Collar Hippie, an outfit that designs offbeat travel and outdoor experiences, is back with their new edition of BandCamp, known as Stranger Than Fiction, which features camping under the stars with live music and movie screenings. This weekend, there will be a mix of classics from world cinema and popular choices. Kalyaani, a Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, will open the session with a Blues/Soft Rock set.

The camp will include a barbequeThe camp will include a barbeque

The camp will include bonfires, a barbeque, an open space for long walks and of course, delicious food. The site at Uttan is dotted with hammocks for those who like to relax, books for the avid readers and games so that no one gets bored.

Since the campsite is on the coast, the local Koli community will offer meals. Before the action starts, there is also a pre-gig barbeque with beer. The campsite is dotted with tents; sleeping bags and camping goodies will be provided, too. One can reach the spot by taking a train to Bhayandar and then, an auto rickshaw to U-Tan resort; the camp is right behind the property. A direct cab from the city will cost up to Rs 1,000.

ON: April 7 (4 pm) to April 8 (12 pm)
AT: Chowk Dongri, behind U-Tan resort, Bhayandar (W). 
CALL: 9930260747
COST: Rs 2,200 per person

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