Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book your calendar for PopCon fest organized by HR College

Merchandise will be on sale
Merchandise will be on sale

For millennials, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter are not merely books, movies or TV shows. Over time, they have snowballed into a phenomenon. The youth of today may not remember a chemical formula, but they certainly know the magic spell required to open a locked door. To celebrate pop culture, the Rotaract Club of HR College is back with another edition of PopCon, a cultural convention that aims to bring fans together at one place.

A poster displaying the Harry Potter book titles
A poster displaying the Harry Potter book titles

The festival started off as Pottermania, featuring just Harry Potter-related activities, in 2013, but has since been expanded to include other fandoms around shows such as Game of Thrones and Friends. Last year, Star Wars was part of the line-up, too.

"In the last couple of years, we have had a staggering footfall of over 1,000 fans coming to this convention and being a part of a fandom," shares Lokesh Sambhwani, president of the club. The festival will be like a Cosplay event, and is open to collegians from across the city. "You can dress as Hagrid, attend the Game of Thrones-themed Model United Nations (MUN), and even win a Harry Potter T-shirt," adds Sambhwani.

Participants in costume at the festival
Participants in costume at the festival 

The fest also includes a quiz on the tale of The Boy Who Lived, a game of Ground Quidditch, and an exciting Horcrux Hunt. The Valar Morghulis (GoT Fandom) includes the MUN event and a game of Capture the Throne, which compels you to think like one of the houses of Westeros that you’ll be representing. You can also try your hand at playing board games based on the TV show Friends.

Merchandise from all the shows and movies will be sold at the venue. From bookmarks and badges to wands and swords, the goodies will, just for some time, let you escape to a world of fantasy.

ON: May 14, 10.30 am to 5.30 pm 
AT: HR College, Dinshaw Wachha Road, Churchgate. 
FOR PASSES, CALL: 9323238815
ENTRY: Rs 200

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