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Watch video: 10 cities where public nudity is legal

Watch video: 10 cities where public nudity is legal
Pic courtesy/YouTube channel: TheRichest

Cap D'Agde, France: Best known as the world's biggest nude town, the city grows to 40,000 people during summer, and a good chunk of them are nudists. Cap D'Agde is home to one of Europe's biggest nudist resorts. While nudism is legal in Cap D'Agde, anything perceived as a sexual act is not. There are places for swingers and those with fetishes to gather, but they are behind closed doors.

Courtesy/YouTube Channel: TheRichest

Portland and Eugene, Oregon: The American state of Oregon has some of the most open nudity laws in the United States. After the infamous naked bike ride, the rest of the world became aware that it's totally okay to get naked, just as long as no one else is enjoying it. In legal terms, you can't get naked with the intent to arouse others around you.

Munich, Germany: In April 2014, Munich, Germany made news when they gave the okay for nudists to go out in public and even sunbathe, meaning that public nudity is now legal, but with restrictions. The city has created six, "Urban Naked Zones", where people can strip down in public in local parks near the city centre of Munich. But, these areas don't have fences, meaning that anyone can wander into them.

Austin, Texas: The US city of Austin has Texas' only government-maintained clothing optional park called "Hippie Hollow", which sits on 100 acres of the shoreline of Lake Travis, and is only about 20 miles away from downtown Austin. But, if getting totally naked isn't your thing, outside of Hippie Hollow, Austin is a topless-friendly city for the ladies.

London, England: It is completely legal to get naked in the Wales and the United Kingdom. But, it is illegal if you're nude for the sake of shocking and upsetting others. So, in this case, the nudity law is fairly liberal. That's probably why the city of London has so many clothing-optional business establishments from gyms to poetry readings to restaurants, among others where nudists are welcome.

New York City, New York: This US city is technically a grey area. While it is legal for women and men to be topless, the decision to arrest is up to the police officer. Instead of being arrested for indecent exposure, a citizen can make a complaint against a topless woman, for causing disorderly conduct due to their nude breasts. Even so, that hasn't stopped hundreds of women from exercising their rights to be topless, especially while in the midst of protesting Wall Street.

Honolulu, Hawaii: Basically, it is legal for women to be topless in the US state of Hawaii. But, if you're looking for an all-nude experience, stay away from any public park or beach. If you're looking to unbuckle your pants, then you might want to look for one of the local nudist beaches in the city since it's illegal to expose your genitals. A brief breakdown of where it's ok save you a headache with local authorities.

Washington D.C.: In the capital of the United States of America, there's an official Go Topless Day in the city. Washington D.C. is one of the most well-known cities to have top freedom laws. But again, like in New York City, topless women can be arrested for disorderly conduct, so precautions must be taken. If you're hoping that genitals are also protected, not really. Top freedom does not mean bottom freedom yet.

Boulder, Colorado: Colorado has already made headlines for legalising marijuana use. It's all fine and dandy just as long as your intent to being topless doesn't include arousing the public around you. If you want to bear a little more then there are plenty of nudist resorts and nude hot springs to enjoy.

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